Nasi Goreng, The Most Popular Indonesian Food

My favorite Indonesian food is nasi goreng which i often cook it using my own recipe.  The recipe is simple, because i have to cook it in short time, usually before i leave for working. It uses a lot of cabe rawit (bird's eye chili pepper) because i like eating hot food.
The ingredients of my nasi goreng are
1. White rice
2. Smashed spice (salt, garlic, onions and cabe rawit)
3. Sliced onion spring
4. Fried egg

Sometimes i also add some celery, cabbage or corn, to give more fiber and nutriton for my body.
It is undebatable that nasi goreng is Indonesian national food even it came from the southern Chinese people few hundred years ago. It can be found anywhere, starting from streetfood booths until five start restaurants.
By the way, nasi goreng literally means fried rice in English language.

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