Raja Ampat, The Pearl from Papua, Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands is a tourist destination located in the West Papua province, Indonesia. This tourist spot has been known by the whole of the world because of its natural beauty which is very charming. One of the things that raised the name of the Raja Ampat attraction is the existence of a documentary film made by Avant Premiere with the title "Edis Paradise 3", which the film tells the beauty of Raja Ampat's underwater nature in the West Papua region. Raja Ampat Islands is a group of around 610 islands, but only 35 islands are inhabited by local residents.

Tourists come deliberately from all the world to this place to enjoy the beauty of the island and the uniqueness of its underwater tourism. They explore the underwater scenery by diving. In here tourists can also wade through large and small islands, mountains, tropical forests, coral reefs, white sand beaches and the diversity of animal life in the Raja Ampat tourist area. It can be said that natural resources like this are very rare in the world, so it is very grateful that Indonesia has a gift that is difficult to describe in words.
Raja Ampat area is an archipelago, so sea transportation is very important in here. This transportation is used both to reach the district capital which is located in Waisai or vice versa. With the four main islands located in this region makes it unique for those of you who visit the Raja Ampat Islands. The main four islands are Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. The name or name of Raja Ampat itself is taken from the myths of the surrounding population, when it is interpreted in Indonesian, it means Four Kings.
Usually the route taken by visitors or tourists to reach Raja Ampat tourist sites is by air travel, then heading to the city of Sorong - West Papua (Domine Edward Osok). At this airport there is no direct international flight  Domine Edward Osok. So, if you are from abroad, you must transit in Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar or Makassar. And if you want to take the shortest route, you can transit in Makassarand take about 5 hours 15 minutes flight to arrive in Sorong city
Then from the city of Sorong, the journey continues by using a taxi to the public harbor to go to the capital Raja Ampat (Waisai). After that, you should go by Ferry boat or you can rent a speed boat and it is recommended that in this port you have to provide supplies such as mineral water, instant food and so on, because in Waisai itself which is the capital of Raja Ampat the price of supply needs is expensive. In this port there are two ferries that serve the route from Sorong to Waisai, and usually depart every 14:00 local time, then other ships will depart about 1-2 hours later. The journey will take 4 - 5 hours to reach the port of Waisai.
However, for those of you who have the desire to rent a speedboat, the best time to cross is before the sea rises, which is usually caused by tidal waves or around before 12.00 local time. This is to avoid the occurrence of things that are not expectable, because the size speedboat is smaller than the ship so it is very easily shaken by the waves. Then what should be noted for you is to obey the instructions from the ship's captain when instructing you to postpone the trip to the port of Waisai due to bad weather, tidal waves or other problems. Indeed the route to get to Raja Ampat is very complicated. However, the local government promised to develop an airport in Waisai called Marinda Airport, which could be able to ease access to Raja Ampat soon.

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