Visiting Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo temple is one of popular tourist object in Central Java, Indonesia. I have visited this site several times since I was a kid because my house is located not far from this spot. Gedong Songo temple is a complex of Hindu temple which located on the southern slope of Mount Ungaran. It is located in Darum, Candi Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Although the name is Gedong Songo, which literally means nine buildings, currently only 5 main temples are still intact. There are still many temple debris that are piled up in certain locations, waiting for reconsturction in the future.
It takes 2 hours to walk around the complex, with up and down tracks, approximately 2-3 KM. If you can't walk, you can rent a horse at a rate of IDR 120k for a round of the complex.

The journey starts from temple no 1, then goes to temple no 2, then goes up to temple no 3, then down to the valley that has sulfur hot springs. And fortunately now it is equipped with a heated swimming pool. Able to soak for people affected by various skin diseases such as , scabies, ringworm.
My video of the sulfur springs

From this spring, we have to walk up again to temples no 4 and 5. Those both are not so far in distance. After coming from temple 5, then we go down a quite far and get back to the starting point. Fortunately this path has been rehabilitated and equipped with an iron fence to hold on to prevent it from falling.

This place is open daily and people are allowed for camping in here, but the the ticket is off at dusk. The air is so fresh and cold.

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