Coastline Trip In Southern Jogja

Life is an adventure. Therefore we need to adventure in the great outdoors, so that it is not lazy and crumbly at home. On Saturday, July 6, 2019, I and some of friends held a coasting event on the south coast of Gunungkidul, Jogja. We departed from Solo around before dusk and at 10 o'clock we arrived at the parking lot of Wedi Ombo Beach, precisely at the Ar Royyan Mosque. We rested until around 1 o'clock in the morning to save energy before continuing the journey, remembering the path we took was quite far, from Wedi Ombo Beach, down the hill to the southeast.

The first beach we went to Sedahan Beach. But because the conditions were quite dark, because we started walking around 1.30 which was quite dark at that time, we were lost to Dadapan Beach, which was further to the east. Luckily the beach was quiet because only we were at that night visiting this beach. At 3 o'clock in the morning we arrived at the beach accompanied by high waves. Because the weather was cold enough, we also immediately collected the dried wood and plastic scattered at beach to make a bonfire to warm the body; soon a fire large enough to warm us flared before us. While waiting for dawn, we chatted and ate various snacks that we brought until dawn. With sea water we also do ablution, even though it is a bit sticky. We also made noodles and coffee for breakfast that morning. Because we deliberately did not bring tents, so we only just covered on the mat.

After finishing breakfast, we started packing to continue our journey. We turned off the campfire with sand, to prevent fires. We also used our used plastic trash to eat noodles in the fireplace too. Do not forget before leaving the beach to enjoy the scenery on this tiny beach.

The next trip was to Sedahan Beach which was our true destination. Between Dadapan Beach and Sedahan Beach is actually only separated by a dune or a hill, but also quite tiring to pass through.
Although the hill is small, but the path is quite steep and steep so we are excited when passing it, because we have to be careful in passing it, because underneath is the pounding waves of the south coast of Java. Luckily we were entertained with a view of the cliffs and the beautiful sea of extraordinary clear blue and the air is still cool in the morning.
Once we reached the top of the hill, Sedahan Beach was clearly visible with dozens of colorful tents lined up on the beach. Dozens of young people, according to our estimation, are students who are busy playing on the beach, playing soccer, cooking to selfie and wefie photos. Fortunately we also stayed at Dadapan Beach, because we did not mix with students who were certainly busy and noisy asking for mercy.
Once we arrived at Sedahan Beach, we immediately proceeded without taking a rest to get to the next beach, Greweng beach. As before, we had to climb another hill which was quite steep, only not directly above the sea. Our trip was also shaded by a large array of large sea pandanus trees and there were thorns too, so we had to be careful when passing through it.
After passing the hill full of sea pandanus trees, we also reached the third beach, Greweng Beach. Just like at Sedahan Beach, Groweng Beach is also full of colorful tents whose inhabitants are students who spend their holidays. On this Greweng Beach there are springs that form a short river that directly leads to the sea. Unfortunately when we passed the water there were only a few, maybe because of the dry season.
From Greweng Beach, we went straight up the hill to go up to the next beach, which is Jungwok Beach. On the way we saw Kalong Island and we tried to approach it because we saw a wooden bridge. Unfortunately to pass it we have to pay 25 thousand rupiah per person so that we don't because it is quite expensive to only enter a small uninhabited island.
From the side of the Kalong island, we continued our journey somewhat away from the sea and up a higher hill. Here we met several shack buildings or small houses equipped with solar panels owned by residents who were gardening and raising cows. I myself was surprised because during my trip I counted more than 20 cows in a cage in the people's garden which was very far from the nearest settlement or village.
During the trip from Greweng Beach to Jungwok Beach, the road was quite comfortable and pleasant, it's just that the distance was far enough so that the journey was quite long. What's more this trip is arguably a bit of an actual detour, because even though there are other routes that are closer, we choose a safer route.
Arriving at Jungwok Beach, we rested on the beach, under a rock cliff while ngadem, because indeed the temperature has begun to high, following the sun which has also been high too. The waves are also getting higher and stronger on this beach. In this Jungwok beach there were also many visitors who camped, not only as many as in Sedahan and Greweng Beach.
The last trip from Jungwok Beach to the last beach, Wedi Ombo Beach, was  the hardest trip. In the morning we only had instant noodle breakfast and used his energy to travel so far and dying, I came to look for pieces of wood to be used as sticks to support my fat body. And it also happened that the journey across the dividing hill between Jungwok to Wedi Ombo was quite far and the weather was very hot. I was so tired that I didn't take any photos on this trip. Until finally we also arrived at a small hut and rested. It turns out that the hut is located above Wedi Ombo Beach and we can see it from here. Relieved for my heart because finally our final goal is in sight.
Immediately after resting for a while we were eager to go down the cliff to Wedi Ombo Beach. Maybe at that time our enthusiasm could be called the spirit of 45, because we were tired, with our adrenaline rush but swung our legs forward. And finally we arrived at the beach and immediately looked for a shade under a pretty tree. We immediately lay down on the beach and did not forget to take off our shoes and wet our feet with sea water, until the fresh feeling spread in the soles of our feet. I myself feel too tired to play with sea water.
After getting enough rest while enjoying the sea air recorded, we immediately climbed back into the parking lot which turned out to be quite an uphill road. And once again I have to force my adrenaline to be strong until the parking lot of Wedi Ombo Beach where the car is located. Once in the parking lot, we immediately took a shower and headed to the nearest wraung, drinking and snacking on the rest of our snacks, while stretching our legs and enjoying the view of the sea from a distance.
Finally, around 10 am we had all finished cleaning up. The funny thing is that one of our friends was actually "lost" because of the wrong rest in the parking lot, because it saw a car similar to the one we were using. Finally, after realizing just looking for a parking space that we use. The coastline trip this time is tiring, but it gives a lot of experience and teaching. Hopefully next time we can repeat it again.

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