Phi Phi islands, A Paradise For Tourists In Southern Thailand

Phi-phi Islands, or in Thai called "Koh Phi-phi" is an archipelago located in the southern part of Thailand, 38 km from the direction of Krabi. Phi-phi Islands can be said to be one of the best destinations for tourists visiting Thailand.
Starting from the beauty of the white beach between the Karst cliffs, to an all-night beach party with local residents and other tourists. If you visit Thailand, don't miss this beautiful island. Here are some spots on Phi-Phi Island that will make you amazed at its beauty.

Koh Phi Phi Leh & Maya Bay

The vertical cliffs are covered in stunning green leaves, as if to fortify the small beaches and tropical coral sea, Koh Phi Phi Leh is the second largest uninhabited island in the Phi Phi islands. Inside is a beautiful beach called "Maya Bay".
Because of the beauty of this place, Koh Phi Phi Leh became a spot for one of the Leornado Dicaprio's films "The Beach". Its beautiful white beach with tropical plants, and its clear water, Koh Phi Phi Leh is the perfect place for snorkeling activities. You can also rent a boat to go around this amazing island.

Phi Phi View Point

Phi Phi Islands is basically a large island shaped like the letter "H", where the main village lives on the horizontal or middle side of the island. While the two vertical sides of the island are mountains and forests. Phi Phi View Point itself is located on the east side of the coastline, facing a view of the village and the two beaches on the side of the island.

Bamboo Island

Koh Phai, or also called Bamboo Island, is one of the six islands in the Phi Phi Islands. Bamboo Island itself is a small island with a width of 600-700 meters, where around the island is white sand, and in the middle of the island grows lush bamboo trees, making this island a perfect place for an exotic vacation.
What makes Bamboo Island a more perfect place is the coastline of the coast which has beautiful coral rocks, a paradise for those who love snorkeling. Besides having a mini bar that sells food and drinks, you can also stay overnight by setting up tents on this island.

Viking cave

A local legend tells a long time ago, there were sailors who got lost because of being hit by a storm, causing them to be stranded in a cave under the cliff of Karst Phang Nga Bay. They then have to survive by eating swallow's nests that turned out to have lived in the cave for a long time.
The cave is now called the Viking Cave, located beneath a high Karst cliff, it took 30 minutes to reach it by long boat from Tonsai Bay. There are many frescoes here, and you can see the activities of local people looking for swallow's nests here.

Diving Phi-Phi

Having amazing islands, Phi Phi Islands is one of the challenging diving spots for professionals. The number of the best Diving spots in the world, making Diving one of the main activities for tourists visiting the Phi Phi Islands.
Some of the best diving spots on Phi Phi Islands are Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and The King Cruiser located on the west side of the island. While on the east side of the island there are Maya Bay and Koh Bida Nok & Nai. Besides diving, you can also see sharks swimming in the depths of the Phi Phi Islands sea.

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