The Most Wanted Beaches In Nusa Penida, Bali

In recent years, tourists have shifted their attention from North Bali to East Bali, which is opposite Lombok Island. Nusa Penida is an island flanked by the Badung Strait - which separates it from Bali Island - and the Lombok Strait. Then in the south facing the Indonesian Ocean, making Nusa Penida has a unique character because it is surrounded by three waters.
The beaches make an epic formation - nuanced shady beaches in Bali mixed with rocky beaches. In fact, some of the best beaches on Nusa Penida are at the foot of the cliff. The beauty, making Nusa Penida visited by tourists repeatedly. Rarely among those who claim to be disappointed with the beauty of Nusa Penida.

Atuh Beach

Trip to Atuh Beach is not a smooth journey. There is a little adventure there. The paths traveled by tourists in the form of village streets decorated with holes. The smooth road immediately turns into a dirt hill, and the bikes must be parked. The journey continues with trekking. Behind the hill, stretches Atuh Beach, which is white sand surrounded by large cliffs and extraordinary rock formations. A cliff arch protruded to the beach, while several islands lined up in the distance.

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is also called T-Rex Beach. The cliff formation that protrudes to the beach does form a T-Rex head - like the icon of the film Jurasic Park. Once again, the beautiful beach is under a cliff, especially under the T-rex jaw called Kelingking Secret Point Beach.
Its popularity was built not just from the name T-Rex on Instagram, but this beach is really beautiful. The sea is clear blue and the waves are strong, but very comfortable for sunbathing.

Crystal Bay Beach
As the name implies, the waters on the coast along 1 kilometer are crystal clear. Colorful fish can be seen with the naked eye. Although the waves from a distance are so loud, but on the beach looks calm sea. This is because of the rock in front of the beach which makes the waves do not reach the shore. The rock or small island is called Batu Jineng, the meaning is resting stone.
Middle bay is indeed one of the favorite spots of divers. Generally, they come by boat, directly from Sanur, Benoa, Nusa Dua, or Nusa Lembongan. As the sun moved higher, one by one the boat left the white sand bay. This beach offers beautiful sunset views.

Uug Beach
Also called Broken Beach. The reason is, nature worked hard for thousands of years to make holes in cliffs. Followed by a massive avalanche, which forms a pond. Sea water flows into the pit, and forms a calm bay. Occasionally manta rays and sharks appear in pond waters. However, its beauty, can only be enjoyed from a distance. To reach them, tourists have to deal with standing cliffs.

Diamond Beach
Previously, the beauty of Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida was limited to the eye. Yup, tourists can only enjoy the beach at the bottom of the cliff from a distance. Now, anyone - with excellent stamina - can reach it. The reason is, residents make stairs by carving the side of the limestone cliff. With the stairs, tourists can reach the charming white sand.

Tembeling Beach, Natural Pool and Forest
Tembeling Beach is a small hiding place at the end of a motorcycle trip through the forest. Along the way, before you get to the beach, you will pass through the natural ponds of Tembeling. The ponds in the middle of the forest, brown and orange walled, which contrasted with the water of the blue pool. One of the ponds is a very clear source of water for residents to drink directly.
A number of traditional statues and fountains adorn this place and are used for water rituals. A little down, you will arrive at the second pool which is also clean water. From this location, Tembeling Beach began to appear. You can doubt, enjoy the cool springs, or immediately to the beach which is pressed by beautiful cliffs.

Suwehan Beach
Suwehan Beach is a place that symbolizes Nusa Penida. On Suwehan Beach, besides the cliffs and the beach, there is a large, sharp-shaped stone standing tall in the middle of the beach. The big stone is known as Batu Jineng. The rocky state, Suwehan Beach is also called Volcom Beach.

Pandan Beach (Climb from Crystal Bay)
If adventure starts to tempt you, there is a path that takes you from Crystal Bay Beach to Pandan Beach. Pandan Beach is indeed a hidden location beach. Need to prepare to reach it, because tourists have to go through the trekking path from Crystal Beach (Crystal Bay). But, once arrived, you will feel the combination of the beaches in Raja Ampat and Phi-Phi Island in Thailand.

How to get to Nusa Penida
The ferry departs several times a day from Sanur (east Bali). From sharing Online Travel Agent (OTA) sites, you can get the best prices. At the same time pickup from the ferry dock.

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