8 Best Places in Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi Malaysia has 8 of the best places you can visit when the holidays arrive later. In Malaysia, Langkawi is very well known by those who are native Malaysians or foreign tourists. All the cool and beautiful sights in Langkawi such as cable cars, lakes, beaches, to super charming waterfalls. You can enjoy everything when you come to Langkawi. However, for the 8 best places there are:

Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise
Here you can see and get acquainted with many species of Cassowary, Older Brother and also the Arnab. The address is at Jln Anyer Warm Langawi Kedah. To enter the area you must pay a ticket price of RM 36 for adults and children for RM 20.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

This place is a challenge because you can be on a bridge as high as 100 meters and 125 meters long. The view is amazing. For the place located at Jl Telaga Tujuh 07000 Langkawi and you who want to come here just pay RM 35 and also RM 25 specifically for children and to ride the cable car.

Cenang Beach
For those who like water and white sand, don't miss the opportunity to visit Pantai Cenang. There are many hotel facilities, complete restaurants. The address itself is in Kedah.

Mardi Park Langkawi
Here various types of fruit plants such as grapes are planted in a very beautiful pattern and visitors can immediately eat fresh fruit there. There are about 20 types of fruit there. The address itself is located at Jln Padang Gaong Langkawi Kedah. The ticket price is RM 35 adults and children are RM 10.

Payar Marine Park Island
It is located in Kampong Bendang Baru, Kuah Langkawi precisely to the north of the Straits of Malacca. This marine park is very beautiful and enchanting. If you want to dive, snorkel, swim and you can also explore the island there while enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

Tasik dayang Bunting
This is a freshwater lake which is 3x the size of a soccer field. The manager provides a complete package for you to tour the islands in Langkawi called Island Hopping.

Horses Island
Those who want to ride a horse can visit this place. The location is on Jln Telaga Tujuh, Langkawi Malaysia. For the price of admission you can choose one of several available tour packages. The price itself starts from RM 40.

Oriental Village
Those who love shopping can come to the Oriental Village, including souvenir shopping in the form of souvenirs from Langkawi. You can also do other activities such as riding an elephant, snake photos, playing ATV, and others. The address is in Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia.

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