Rendang, The Most Delicious Food In The World

Who doesn't know Rendang Meat? Become a typical Indonesian cuisine that is famous abroad. Every time there is a culinary festival, of course the Indonesian booth introduces rendang meat which gets a positive response from foreign residents.
Rendang or Randang is a spicy meat cuisine that uses a mixture of various herbs and spices. This dish is produced from a cooking process that is heated repeatedly with coconut milk. The cooking process takes hours or usually around 4 hours to dry and has a deep black color. At room temperature, rendang can last for weeks. Whereas Rendang, which is cooked in a shorter time and the coconut milk has not dried, is called Kalio, which is bright golden brown.
Rendang or in the Minang language "randang" is one of the traditional Minangkabau dishes that uses meat and coconut milk as the main ingredient with rich spices. This spicy cuisine is loved by the whole community, and can be found in all Padang restaurants in Indonesia, Malaysia, or in other countries.
The origin of Rendang is traced to Sumatra, specifically Minangkabau. For the Minang community, rendang has existed for a long time and has become a traditional dish that is served in various traditional events and daily dishes. As a traditional cuisine, rendang is thought to have been born since the Minang people held their first traditional event. Then this art of cooking developed into other Malay civilized wandering areas, ranging from Mandailing, Riau, Jambi, to the overseas country in Negeri Sembilan which is inhabited by immigrants from Minangkabau. That's why rendang is widely known both in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.
In this case, a historian at Andalas University Prof. Gusti Asnan said that rendang had become a widespread cuisine since the Minang people began to migrate and sail to Malacca to trade in the early 16th century. Because the journey over the river and takes a long time, rendang might be the right choice at that time as stock. This is because rendang dry is very durable, can be stored for months, so it is suitable to be used as provisions when traveling or on a commercial trip. Rendang is also mentioned in classical Malay literature such as Hikayat Amir Hamzah which proves that rendang has been known in the art of Malay cuisine since the 1550s or the mid-16th century.

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